An icon of British comedy has passed away


Rik Mayall, one of the pioneers of “alternative comedy” in the early 80s, died yesterday at age 56.

A legend of British television, Mayall´s leap to fame was due to his interpretation of a dramatic and anarchist poet, who shared a flat with 3 other students, who were almost as weird as him, in London during the 80s. “The Young Ones” revolutionised British TV for it´s fresh and cheeky content.

In the early 90s, Mayall regained credit as an actor after partnering up with fellow comedian Adrian Edmonson in the new BBC comedy “Bottom”. His career as an actor has always been tied to his collaboration with longtime acting partner Edmonson, after having met for the first time in the University of Manchester.

His portrayal of the narcissistic Lord Flashheart  in “Blackadder” gave us an endless stream of one-liners that have become used in everyday banter ever since. In the late 80s and early 90s, Mayall gave us the ultra-right wing politician Alan B’stard in The New Statesman. Whilst this was a satirical comedy show, many fans still find an element of familiarity with the modern political world. As horrendous a character Alan B’stard was, he would always come out smelling of roses.

His early death has been a great loss for British popular culture. Mayall´s sense of humour has left it´s footprint in our memory and his legacy is already part of British TV history. You can get a taste of his sense of humour by checking out his first and only Tweet published in 2010: “Opening my very own Twitter to stop another bastard from doing it. So fuck off & don’t expect to hear from me any time soon. Love Rik x”.

We bring HD quality movies and TV shows to Windows 8.1 for the first time


We are happy to present our new Windows 8.1 app that brings HD quality movies and TV shows to Windows 8.1 PCs, laptops and tablets.

We have developed this app in partnership with Microsoft and it’s already available for Windows 8.1 tablets, PCs and laptops. With the app installed, you can access’s catalogue of HD movies and TV series and stream in full HD quality to these devices for the first time.

The app provides the option to rent or purchase movies and TV series direct to the devices, allowing users to browse, rent and watch titles at home, or on the go with a Windows 8.1 tablet or laptop. Our app is available from the Apps for Windows and allows users to stream titles over WiFi. They can also pin entire movies, TV series or individual episodes to the Windows 8.1 Start menu, so they can be watched without accessing the full app.

Movies and TV series are available to rent and purchase on the Apps for Windows Store app  from £2.49. The app is compatible with Windows 8.1 and 8.1.1.

Access our entire content library on your TV with Chromecast

page-post-link-message1200x900 (1)

Hot off the press!  We have an exciting announcement which will see the entire catalogue made available to stream through Google’s new digital media streaming device – Chromecast.

From today, Chromecast users will have access to our catalogue of movies and TV series directly through their device. Chromecast is a small, thumb-sized device that plugs into a television’s HDMI socket. Once plugged in, Chromecast allows users to stream high-definition video and audio content from a tablet, smartphone or other device directly to their TV’s big screen over a Wi-Fi connection. It essentially turns any television into a Smart TV, allowing viewers to stream hundreds of movies and TV series on-demand.

To celebrate the launch, we are offering every customer who purchases a full series of Game of Thrones, True Detective and The Sopranos, a Chromecast for only £10 + P&P (RRP £30)

Over 80% of users stream content through a SmartTV, and since the introduction of Chromecast the company has seen significant demand for Chromecast support from those users who do not currently own a SmartTV. users can stream content directly from a Chrome browser on their PC or laptop, or through’s dedicated Android and iOS applications on tablets and smartphones which will also act as a remote control for the television. to offer award-winning programs from HBO Home Entertainment UK


We’re happy to announce that HBO award-winning shows are now available for purchase on our website! will feature the following show for sale, with a range of other additional titles becoming available in the coming weeks: Game of Thrones, True Detective, GIRLS, Looking, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Veep and The Pacific.

This wide variety of shows can be viewed on a device of your choosing, whether it’s internet-connected PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, iPhones or Smart TVs, to make catching your favourite show at whatever time of day even simpler.

We’re very excited to add HBO to our UK offering to be one of the most complete movie and TV on-line video services in the market!

Welcome to How can we help you?

Foto CS.jpg

Barcelona. Saturday night. 23:45.’s main office.

Amelia Pond is just about to finish her shift. Now, she is just making sure every customer who experienced any issue has been assisted.

Just before leaving, she writes a brief summary of what happened during the day so Tintin, Woody and Gromit can keep helping those customers who couldn’t be assisted the night before as soon as they get to the office.

Amelia hops on the TARDIS picturing what would have happened if she could have some Silents to those customers who have been a bit grumpy.

And, truth be told, our Customer Support team is amazing. Some may think they are mere “Oompa-Loompas”, that all of them look the same and just perform automatic and simple tasks; but that has nothing to do with what they actually do.

Behind Amelia Pond, Tintin, Woody and Gromit in the UK and their Spanish fellows Mary Poppins, Amèlie, ET, Wall-E and Lilo there is a group of people who take care of each customer’s issue as if it were the only one. They make sure every answer is caring, personalised, efficient and fast. This team, leaded by María, a true Spartan, are proof that speed and accuracy can work together.

At we feel specially proud of this team. They receive all the complaints and bad feedback from our customers and try to turn them into positive opinions by giving them a solution at the speed of light. Of course, always with a smile upon their face and sense of humour. And that, Wuaki lovers, needs to be remarked on.

In loving memory: Trinity, Gilda, Hermione y Lois Lane launches Wuakicast – bringing high quality content to any screen, anywhere


  • unveils Wuakicast, new thumb sized device that can stream movies and TV series to any screen within a 100 foot radius  

London, UK 1st April, 2014 -, a leading movie and TV series streaming service, today revealed Wuakicast, a  new thumb-sized device that can connect to, hijack, and stream content to any screen within a 100 foot radius of a mobile device. The device is designed to allow users to stream movies and TV shows from a mobile device to any larger screen in range.

As consumer demand for mobile streaming continues to grow, is prepared to go above and beyond to make sure its users can access its thousands of movies and TV series whenever they like, on the largest screen available.

Whether you’re stuck waiting for a friend, delayed at the airport or train station, bored of waiting at the bus stop, or even watching a concert on the big screen that you’ve simply lost interest in, has you covered. Wuakicast allows users to take over any screen – such as a monitor on a bus, indoor and outdoor display advertising such as the screens in Piccadilly Circus, computer screens in office meeting rooms, monitors in shops and cafes, or even the main screen in a football or sports stadium. The majority of the time these screens don’t display information most consumers are interested in, and believes they will be put to better use by showing the best quality movies and TV shows.

The Wuakicast device is just one inch in size and plugs directly into the headphone jack of a phone or tablet, connecting’s content to any screen within a 100 foot radius. A secondary headphone jack allows users to continue using headphones with the mobile device. Wuakicast also connects to a device’s existing data location services, allowing it to automatically track a user and shift content from one screen to the next – for example when the user walks down the street, meaning the movie or TV show ‘follows’ the users from screen to screen. Audio is delivered through a device’s speakers or through the standard headphone jack, so all a user need do is focus on the next screen in front of them to continue viewing their favourite content.

Every existing user will be offered a Wuakicast device for free from today. To request their device, users should email

Thank you to everyone who expressed an interest and excitement in the new Wuakicast device. We now have to come clean – this was in fact an April Fool. Hope you enjoyed it


Doctor Nefario’s Laboratory

foto LAB

9am, The quality check guys are among the first ones to arrive. They sit down at their desk in their glass-walled office, which we like to call “Doctor Nefario’s Laboratory”.

This team, formed by authentic film freaks, is in charge of a very important task: checking all of our content to make sure it can be published.  They kind of give films and TV series the “seal of approval”.

What happens in the Laboratory…..

For each film and TV series that arrives at the same procedure is followed. After some steps that we will most probably explain someday, it’s Doctor Nefarious’ troops’ time to do their magic: they configure our content so it can be watched on every compatible device, by organising each film’s different streams.

Then, they double check all the audio versions and image qualities (SD and HD). Since #wuakitv is available on many devices, once the steps above have been followed, the very same process is followed on every single device is compatible with (Smart TVs/Xbox/Tablets/Smartphones).

If everything’s correct and no problems are spotted during the process (like aspect ratio, lip movement and sound desynchronization, incorrect subtitles or low quality audio) the revised content is approved and published so you #wuakilovers can enjoy it.


Now #WuakiDay starts sooner!


That´s right! As you know, #WuakiDay has been offered on a weekly basis for this year, through our official channels on the main Social Networks. We have realised most of our users preferred using it on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. Please don´t be surprised, we have run the numbers and up to now, more than 75% of #WuakiDay users were redeeming their voucher codes on Tuesdays.

Knowing this, we´ve decided to make, #WuakiDay coupons redeemable from Tuesdays at 12:01am up until 11:59pm of the same day. So now you have a whole day to rent any movies at half price. So don’t forget to keep on the lookout for this weekly deal!

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