Who we are

Wuaki.tv and Rakuten Group

Wuaki.tv is part of the Rakuten Group, the world’s third largest e-commerce company. Our goal is to become Europe’s best way of experiencing high quality entertainment directly on your computer, Smart TV, tablet or game console. You will find everything from Hollywood blockbusters to indie films to old classics!

How does Wuaki.tv work?

The service is based in the cloud. When you rent or buy a movie or TV series, the content will be automatically available in all your compatible devices linked to your Wuaki.tv account – whether it be your computer, smart TV, tablet, or gaming device. We want you to have the best experience, in the easiest way possible, from your home or wherever you want…

Great entertainment at the click of a button

We are happy to offer you a range of viewing options, that’s why you have the choice to rent or buy movies, TV series, or individual episodes, and you only pay for what you watch.

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